Traditional Dating Etiquette for Catholics: Is It Alive?

Taking into account how much people are looking for freedom in their lifestyles, social requirements for couples aren’t as strict as decades ago. Comparing traditional and contemporary online communication, you will be able to see how divergent their rules are. This is obvious, especially when remembering how opposite their environments are. When it comes to online dating, Catholics are welcome to choose the pace of communication they like. There is no need for them to get married to the first person they find attractive or friendly.

In common life situations, there are a few places where you can meet people of the same religion. But your chances to visit the same church in one region aren’t so high. Online dating for Catholics can be called traditional too: the only thing being that the first steps are made on the net. Other processes can be left the same. In this case, online applications for daters should be perceived in the role of instant messengers. They only provide you with a perfect opportunity to communicate with single-minded individuals whenever you like. Time you can spend in churches or other frequent places for meeting other Catholics is limited, while hours to chat with someone online aren’t.

There are some traditional rules of Catholic dating that seem unnecessary, and vice versa. Here are a few samples of which etiquette norms are better to take into consideration and which not. Keep on reading to get a new perspective over traditional Catholic dating websites and rules reigning there.

Men Should Write First

traditional dating rules

Talking to other members of traditional Catholic dating sites doesn’t mean you should preserve all the principles of online communication. The rule that males have to write first has become outdated, so why not break it? In our epoch, when great maintenance is given to protecting equal rights between men and women, it is simply inefficient.

On the contrary, the balance has to be kept. Although this rule is worth being broken, staying overly stubborn may cause the opposite effect — your crush will be distracted from talking to you since your attention will be overwhelming and irritating.

Who proposes the program of the meeting? Some men like the power role and many women feel more comfortable with a man in control and decision-making. There are also personalities who are tending to achieve more equal relationships and rights. They are co-leaders and partners who have the same direction of development of their future plans. 

As you can see, the case is pretty ambiguous, so which orientation to take as a priority depends on several factors. What you can and should do to avoid mistakes and bring hurting memories to the other half is just to exchange your opinions on the topic. Traditional Catholic dating websites will become a marvelous environment for that.

Men vs. Women: Who Are Right?

For many people, love between a man and a woman is one of life’s core values, the fulfillment of which is most desirable for them. The desire to love and be loved makes one’s life emotionally rich, vibrant, and meaningful. At the same time, the experience of this feeling also makes a person more vulnerable. Their free will, sense of self-worth, and other personal qualities are put to the test. In this case, troubleshooting caused by quarrels will always take place. There is a stereotyped rule that women should obey the decisions of their partners. Some individuals also believe that women are too sensitive, so they would be guilty 24/7 and have to apologize all the time.

There is no particular etiquette rule to improve this situation. The main thing is to break social barriers and obstacles that may prevent partners from mutual understanding. The basic must-have requirement for the two is to listen to each other without underestimating and overestimating the importance of their words and actions. When a lot of feelings are included in relationships, it is a breeze to switch off your logic and realism — it is a wrong approach to act.

Be tolerant of opposing views. Don’t get upset or try to change your partner’s mind just to do what you would like. Traditional Catholic dating is about finding compromises, letting the two be delighted and happy from the decisions made. Although some interlocutors may be especially annoying to the point that all notions of politeness may be lost, it is not a reason to be tactless or rude.

Wait Three Days before Starting a New Chat

There is a spread concept that people should take their time and get healed from previous negative experiences. Of course, this approach has stood the test of time and proven its efficiency. But are there any time frameworks? In this case, three days may be either not enough or too much — everything depends on how a particular person can overcome stressful situations.

Why not forget about following the etiquette of traditional Catholic dating and listen to what your heart tells you? It is not recommended to rely on your friends’ words. Don’t forget any close people that advise something to you are just advisers — they can’t know what the right moment for you is to dive into a new dating. When chatting online, you are welcome to communicate with a few interesting partners simultaneously. In this perspective, you will save time on searches for your soulmates.


traditional dating etiquette

Is it possible to define the best platform out of several traditional catholic dating sites?

On the internet, you can find ratings where the success rates of different systems are mentioned. However, we don’t recommend customers to stick to this data. The reason for that is simple — it is usually provided by the providers. On the one hand, the accuracy of such research is under debate. Would you like to inform the service provider about your finding the soulmate on their domain? Of course, some customers leave feedback and reviews, but the selection won’t be complete. Instead of looking for the success rates, it is more beneficial to check the trustworthiness of the platform and its number of members to understand whether the offered pool of candidates is enough.

Is speed dating possible according to the Catholic traditional dating rules?

The contemporary dating patterns are more flexible than they used to be. If we are talking about speed dating, it isn’t synonymous with fling and hook-up affairs. It is just a way to meet a lot of different people at a time. This method is a faster solution to check whether there would be a «cling» between the two and there is a desire to continue the conversation. 

Please note that an average speed date lasts no longer than ten minutes. This period is enough to check if the couple has common interests and feel like further communication is a worthy experience. Don’t forget about the magic of the first impression — it is really functional here. Besides, the fact you have the same beliefs is uniting, so you won’t waste time on partners who have completely other pictures of the world and religion correspondingly.

Can I browse traditional Catholic dating platforms without becoming their member?

Nowadays, this option is restricted. Of course, you will be able to check the web’s interface, but the entire plethora of features and chatting with potential soulmates will be available for registered customers only. This is a necessary step to increasing the general security of online experiences as well. 

First of all, it narrows down the pool of candidates — people who aren’t interested in dating Catholics will simply avoid joining traditional Catholic dating sites. Secondly, there are verification procedures to check there are no suspicious individuals hidden under the mask of an account. If you see an empty bio without photos or receive requests to help them financially, you should report about such profiles to the support team of the platform you are using.

Wrap It Up

The basic manners of how gentlemen and ladies should act in front of each other aren’t taken into consideration: they are long-term survivors. By sticking to them, you will impress your other half and show off your elegant manners and the way you care about other people’s comfort. Dear ladies, make sure you don’t lead your daters the wrong way — if you aren’t interested in something, there is no need to do everything your partner wants just to seem cute. 

The same relates to men as well: give full attention to your girl and do what is promised. Both partners shouldn’t talk about unpleasant things or mention ambiguous topics that may hurt someone’s feelings, especially those people with whom you would like to share the best moments. Honesty, respect, mutual dignity, and kindness — these principles are trendy no matter what. As you see, the main approach to choose for your etiquette behavior within traditional Catholic dating platforms is to stay sincere without offending others.

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