What to expect when dating an atheist

If the thought of having a meaningful relationship with someone whom you would call your soulmate has crossed your mind at least once, it is highly unlikely that you will get rid of it easily. And frankly, there is no point in trying to avoid it because there are not many things in the world that you could compare with a connection between two fellow souls. Also, if you resist religious obligations and seek atheist dating, there are a few tips for you to level up your romantic life.

Searching for love on atheist dating sites

If you have relatively higher standards when it comes to your potential partner’s intellectual level, you should definitely consider finding a significant other on the Internet. It is a lot easier to list out your expectations there and approach the search for romance more rationally.

There is no need to find a specific atheist dating service; in most cases, you can define your preferences in such areas as religion, life position, hobbies, humour and principles, etc. You can even specify your favorite kind of food, movies or books. It would be a lot less complicated to find a match if you have something to base your attraction on besides looks. 

After you meet someone you were looking for, starting a conversation and sharing your worldview and interests online is easy also because if you start noticing major distinctions that would affect your potential future, you can be open about it and move on to someone else, which is a bit harder to do when you are already familiar in real life.

Building a relationship with a fellow rationalist

atheist dating sites

If you are a dating atheist and find a person who shares your religious beliefs or lack of those, it does not, of course, necessarily mean it will be a match in other fields. However, when you start a relationship off of a common worldview, it is a huge head start for you both compared to couples who only share physical attraction and need to face each other’s peculiarities further on the road. It might result in multiple disappointments and even cause infidelity in the future. 

If you share a perception of life in religion, there is also a high chance of you sharing other points of view, for example, if you discuss philosophy, politics and history. Taking up regular intellectual discussions is actually beneficial for your relationship and helps keep the sparkle alive. 

The key is not to cross the line and avoid going too personal. A strict debate makes you more interested in each other, keep things spicy and constantly grow as a person. It becomes useful out of your personal life, making you a more fascinating person to be around and, as a result, make friends more easily.

Non-obvious advantages of atheist dating

Similar lifestyle

When building a romance with someone rather religious, you can come across an unpredictable element of their life in the holiday seasons. Meeting another person’s expectations of your lifestyle in order for you both to spend time together or at least understand their cultural code can be quite tricky. 

However, when neither of you has any specific religious preferences and have been initially looking for atheists on a dating website, ideally, you are both more open to assimilating your lifestyles and have less limitations for the way you spend your time. There is more space for you to discover the world together and bind emotionally and intellectually.

Open-mindness and opportunities to learn

It might be a bit of a problem if you meet someone with a specific religious preference and all the peculiarities that come with it. While it might be interesting, you should spend time adjusting to another person’s worldview and they are less likely to be open to something new if they are binded with some institutional prejudices.

If you share world perception that does not limit you to a particular choice of lifestyle, you can spend time enjoying all the world has to offer, dive into different cultures together and discuss it afterwards. Even during the global pandemic, when there is less opportunity to travel, you can surf through the Internet, which will be even more pleasant if you met through a dating website. 

atheist dating site

The web has a lot to offer to people who are not afraid to hear an opinion that differs from their own, and if you and your partner are both rationalists, you should be able to take great joy out of exploring daring subjects. It will bring you together if you learn new things together and build neural connections. 

Lack of judgement

There aren’t many things that could bring a couple together better than common acceptance and feeling safe in each other’s company. If you have ever been in a relationship like that, you know how precious that is. And if you were looking for free atheist dating and found a significant other through that search, there is a fair chance that you will not face any prejudice or irrelevant judgment.

You cannot underestimate the value of a safe feeling in a relationship, especially if you are looking for building a future together. If you are being loved and accepted, the person you are with is truly worth keeping and being around. There is no guarantee, unfortunately, that you will meet that person on the first try, so you still need to watch out for toxicity and hypocrisy. 

Things to remember when dating an atheist

In general, atheists are not that different from other people, so you might want to look for them specifically if you just feel uncomfortable with someone more religious. However, you need to remember to be respectful yourself and that lack of religiousness does not mean lack of general human boundaries.

Finding a soulmate is rarely instant, so you need to work on your relationship. It should not be compared to hard work in a mine, but rather as something pleasant for you and your partner. Try being as supportive as you can, communicate properly and grow together. When you are both atheists and open to the rest of the world, amusing each other might come naturally and you will not get bored of routine. 

Building any healthy relationship pays off and in the case of atheist dating you get to share your thought process with another human and base your interaction off of more intimate things than just appearances. Over time, it becomes more and more valuable when you start thinking about committing more, so if you look at a person and associate them with pleasant thoughtful moments, that probably means you are becoming soulmates even if you do not particularly believe in the existence of a soul.

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