Why is dating safety important?

Online dating safety is a must before you meet a person in real-time. There are hundreds and thousands of people who hang out online, but it is a totally another story if it comes to dating in-person. You should make sure the person you meet is not a fraudster, villain, scammer, and so on. Therefore, check the following rules for online dating safety here.

Online dating safety tips to check out before you appoint a date:

Tip 1. Conduct research.

You might probably have tried to find any data about you in a Google search, which does not mean you are self-centered. Try to find the maximum data about a specific person you meet on one of the dating sites. For instance, you should at least check his account on Facebook or Instagram to make sure he is a living being.

Tip 2. Video chat first.

Before you meet up in reality, you would better appoint a date on Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and so on. At least, you will know what to expect from another person and whether they are attractive and communicative. You will soon figure it out after a few minutes of having a conversation with them. Do not waste your time but video chat first.

Tip 3. Call them by phone.

online dating safety

This is one of the old-fashioned dating safety tips, but it works. As long as you might miss some of the verbal cues when you text them or message. Therefore, you would know their individuality more which is crucial if it comes to building healthy and long-term relationships. Why not talk to them before a date to make sure they are adequate?

Tip 4. Take public transport or drive yourself.

He might offer to pick you up or order a taxi. However, it might be dangerous because if you do, he will get to know your address and might have certain control over you. If you do not want to give such data to him or simply do not trust this person so far, you would better drive your own car or take a bus, train, metro, and so on to get home. 

Tip 5. Meet always in a public place.

This is one of the most essential online dating safety tips because it will protect you from an unexpected terrible accident. You should meet up in a public place where there are many people and it is difficult to abuse, hurt, or even beat you. Not all men or even women are safe to date because sometimes there are inadequate people among them. Therefore, if a person seems suspicious, you would have to date in a public place to be safe and secure.

Tip 6. Tell your friend where you will be.

You might tell your parents or friends whom you are going to date and where you are planning to go. Make sure someone else is aware of your plans with the prospective partner because the world is dangerous and you never know where to expect something wrong. Do not just be too naive thinking that everything will be fine and you will manage it, especially, if you are a young lady.

Tip 7. Do not share too much personal information.

Keep your contact information secret until you are 100% sure that your potential partner is normal and will not control or abuse you. You should not also tell them about the places you like to visit, your address, or even your birthday. Make sure this person will not take advantage of you and has good intentions. Check their motives first before meeting up for the second time.

Tip 8. Carry pepper spray.

dating safety

You would better buy a pepper spray and learn how to use it correctly. Knowing that will save your life only if you are aware of how to utilize it the right way. Ask a seller or read the instructions on how to use it in order not to hurt yourself. In some cases, this is one of the best ways to tell the person you dislike or who tries to seduce you that you are not going to meet their expectations from the first date.

Tip 9. Stay alert.

This safety tip for online dating supposes you to drink on a date only when you have been served by a waiter. For instance, you should not go to the restroom while the drinks are being served because you never know the intentions of your potential partner. For instance, they might put something in your glass with juice like a drug or so on and would expect you to relax and have intimacy with them fast. 

Tip 10. Come with a friend.

You should come on a date with your friend. For instance, they might be sitting a few steps away from you in the cafe to make sure everything is fine with you. If you have a best male friend, invite him to your date as well to make sure you are okay.  

What you should not do on a dating application?

First of all, you should not pretend to be someone else. Do not ask someone’s phone number before you get to know the person better or do not give your contact information too soon. Thirdly, do not start a conversation with phrases like «Hey» or «What’s up, dude!» because you will never succeed to find a real romance. 

What you should not say in your dating messages?

Do not just send messages that are like one another. It is taboo to send cliche messages to every person you like because no one will reply to such suspicious letters. You should not also give your individual information using a dating app or a site. Do not ask a person to send you photos in a bikini. You should never tell your sad life stories, and you are likely to be ignored if you use terrible English with multiple mistakes. 

Is it dangerous to date online?

In most cases, it is not because you do not meet on the same territory but just stay at home during a date. However, it might get dangerous if you provide your prospective partner with personal information like your address, phone number, or place of work. Never say such things if you date a person for the first time, even if it is an online date. 

How to make my dating profile stand out?

safety tips for online dating

Ask your friends to help you if it comes to creating your profile because they might know you even better than you do. Mention your hobbies that no other people have. Select beautiful photos and add a few of them to hook your potential partner. It would be better to add the photos in which you are doing something. Do not be negative and self-centered. Be honest with all the facts you mention and update your profile from time to time. 

Is it better to be single rather than in a relationship?

In some cases, the answer would be positive, especially if your partner betrays, offends, abuses, beats, or hurts you in multiple ways. However, if we speak about a healthy relationship, there is nothing better than to love and be loved. As people we are social creatures, therefore, most of us are looking for love. Happiness is impossible to be present when you are alone because all people are designed to share their happiness and love with others. 

Does online dating mean that you do not trust God?

The Bible does not criticize people who date online. On the contrary, it mentions that according to Apostle James, the faith is dead without works (James 2:17). By work, he meant that you should practically do something to reach your goal, not just believe in something and do nothing to achieve the purpose. Online dating is a great opportunity to test your faith for every believer. Do not hesitate to date online because it is a wonderful way to find your soulmate quickly.

To conclude

It is abnormal to be single forever if you are not planning to be a monk. However, if you want to create a family, online dating is a great mode for you to find your ideal partner. You are safe and secure in most cases when you date online. If you use all the above mentioned tips, you will speed up in finding your beloved one without any risk. 

Note that you might be killed every day by some accident, so do not be afraid too much to date someone you meet on a dating site. Take a risk but be cautious and mind all the red flags if any. Trust your intuition and ask your closest friends or family members for advice. Minding all the rules of safe dating will help you to avoid multiple negative or confusing situations, and sometimes, it will even save your life.

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