How to start a new relationship effectively?

If you want to engage in a new relationship, the first thing you should do is make sure that you have forgotten your ex and all the wounds are healed. There is no future in new relationships if you still feel offended by your ex-partner. Let them go and get ready for a new romance. Check out our new relationship pieces of advice to begin dating another person.

New relationship tips to use:

Tip 1. Do not compare your new partner with the previous one.

All people are different. There is no need to compare one partner with another because the reactions of various people might differ a lot. Therefore, try to separate your past experience from a new one. Treat your new partner without prejudice. Let them open up and be themselves. It is very annoying to be on a date with a person who shows that you cannot give them anything new. If you keep on waiting for something bad to happen, sooner or later it will happen, indeed. Open up your heart to let in fresh love and feelings.

Tip 2. Let him be a man or remain a man.

Starting a new relationship, a woman must behave like a woman. She should not be an initiative about inviting and planning a date. If she keeps on behaving like that, a man will relax and stop making any effort because he will think that everything is clear already and you will always agree. Showing initiative is a part of a man’s behavior. Let a man be a man and leader. If you keep on being a leader in your relationships, you will have to propose to him if you decide it is time to marry. Is it what you are looking for?

Tip 3. Be independent.

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It is absolutely normal for both men and women to be independent. If you are a woman, you should rely on yourself first but not him to give you money. If you show that you depend on him, he might lose interest in you. It is very beneficial for a man to date a woman who can afford to pay for her dinner with you. This girl becomes such a desirable goal to reach. In other words, a man will want you more if you are independent.

Tip 4. Mind red flags.

Trust your intuition and instincts when you date him or her. If you feel you do not want to be with him or cannot stand him for more than 20 seconds, you would better stop dating, no matter how rich he or how beautiful she is. Trust all the red flags that tell you that this person is not for you. Do not push yourself to date him only because your friend says it is the right choice for you. It is not she or he to spend the rest of your life with the wrong person. If you dislike the person in the first few seconds, it is 100% that nothing will change later on.  

Tip 5. Be open-minded.

Let other people come into your life. Do not close up. Be ready to talk about various topics, even the most controversial ones. Do not hesitate to ask him about his moral principles and beliefs. Being tolerant and open-minded is a must for the first time you meet with your potential partner before starting a new relationship. There are several stages of a new relationship. Do not be close-minded in the first stages of it. It is you that are looking for the love of your life and it is another person who is doing the same. Respect each other and keep moving on because it might work.

Tip 6. Take responsibility.

Of course, your previous partner might have been such an idiot, but it is you who decide to take control of the situation. You should take the responsibility for the previous mistakes. If you do, it means that no one else is responsible for your destiny and your happiness is in your hands. It is you who decide whether you will have a successful destiny or not. Taking responsibility is a crucial step to make if you do not want to repeat your previous mistakes. You know, if you have made a mistake once, it is just a mistake, but if you have done it twice and more, it is a decision. 

Tip 7. Do not have intimacy too soon.

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 We live in a world where there are no boundaries if it comes to sex. However, psychologists say that it would be better to have sex only if you are completely ready for it. They claim that ideally, you should have intimacy only if you are married to the other person. If you do not want to be hurt, you would better wait till both of you are ready.

Tip 8. Become closer through communication.

First of all, you should become close with your souls but not with your bodies. Soul intimacy comes first. Therefore, you should try to communicate often and well with each other. Spend more time together to show that you love each other. Spending time together is one of the love languages, according to the author of the book «Five love languages» Gary Chapman. 

Tip 9. Let your past go.

Do not hold anything from your previous partner. Let the past stay in the past. You are to clean the space in your heart for a new romance and relationship. Therefore, you should find more energy for a new relationship. Do not get stuck in the past. Move on and feel free to love whoever you want. You might begin to love animals, first, for example. You might have a pet like a cat or a dog and love them as much as you can before you meet the right person.<h3> Tip 10. Test whether you love him or her, at least, a bit. </h3>

Any relationship is poor if there is no love in it. It is like food without salt. Love is important even if many people say that it does not exist and that there is only sexual energy between two individuals. However, it is worth mentioning that love features a few levels. 

There is a type of love called «Phileo» which is love between friends, love called «Agape» which is a love that is ready to sacrifice, and love called «Eros» which is sexual relationships between men and women. All these types of love are a must in every successful relationship. 

Of course, it is difficult to say that you love someone just before the start of a new relationship, but you should feel, at least, the tiny part of love in your heart for your partner. Just good chemistry is good, but not enough to be happy. Test yourself for the presence of love on the levels mentioned above.  

Does love exist?

The truth is that no matter whether you believe in love or are too frustrated by your previous experience that you say it does not exist, it does exist. Many happy couples are born every day and you might even read their testimonials on various dating sites. Moreover, you are recommended to read their testimonies of how they found their perfect match to get some inspiration and motivation. Do you really think that love does not exist after reading such feedback and comments? We do understand that you might have some baggage behind your back that tries to ensure you that there is only pain and a broken heart left, but trust us that it is not the end of the story. 

How much should I wait before starting a new relationship?

The answer is that you should not either wait for too little or too much. Just keep the balance. If you feel that all your wounds are healed, you might start a new relationship. However, do not do it if they are not because you would hurt your new partner and it will not work out. Wounded people hurt other people, and this is the truth of life.

How should I behave on the first date?

stages of a new relationship

Just behave naturally. Be yourself. Try not to recall the past and criticize your previous partner. Let them go. Be friendly and you will soon realize that you have become friends with your new partner. Start from becoming friends and decide whether you want to move on further with him or her. Clarify your motives and intentions to another person. 

Say what you are expecting from your relationships and what plans for the future you have. Do not let another person be doubting and guessing about the real things you want from them. Be honest and sincere if you expect another person to be also honest and sincere. Do not lie or play dirty games. Imagine yourself in the shoes of your match. Do you want your partner to behave like that? Just answer. 

Where can I find my love?

There is no exact answer to this question because you might find your love anywhere. For instance, you might find him or her in a park, bus station, cafe, or even on a dating site. However, the truth is that you must be ready for new relationships. You should also have to have a list of qualities and features of your perfect match to make sure the person you meet suits them. You should be as much concrete as you can to make sure you have met the right person. Work on your character and become an ideal partner yourself. If you do, you will soon meet the proper person. 

Should I be active when searching for my love or will it come itself?

You must be active but patient at the same time. You should look for a new partner and open up your heart to new opportunities. Nevertheless, being patient is also an essential thing to keep in mind. Do not just start a new relationship with the first person you meet. Wait and define what things you are looking for.  


Think twice before you start a new relationship. Do not just open your heart to every person that wants to be with you. Be selective and count your chickens before they are hatched. Especially, it is very important not to have sexual relationships when you are not ready because there will be too many wounds in the aftermath. Patience is the key to successful relationships. You should also make sure your new partner matches all the criteria from your list. However, you should be always ready because you will never know where you will meet your love. Stay alert and ready for a new relationship with your heart open.

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